Mantriji-Choose the right leader.

About Mantriji

It all started with a simple question. "Who is the MP of my constituency?". Yes, that simple a question and many fumble to answer. Mantriji was created with a simple objective to create awareness about the political issues in the country. To make people aware of not only their rights but also their duties.

Mantriji is a community open to suggestions, opinions, debates and discussions. Everyone at Mantriji has not only the right to speech but also to be heard. Explore for yourself.

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Our Team

This is the bunch of screwed up people behind this out-of-the-whatever, un-thought of and unnecessary pain in the a** idea. Seriously, why go to such extremes. But at last, we are here. What more to say. See for yourself to believe.

What we bring to the table?

Unbiased Views

Being the new kid in town, no one wants to buy us. Yes, and we say that gladly. Our views are not paid for and we say what we feel like saying. Kind of a novelty in itself, don't you feel?

Alternate Media

Being the internet generation, all we have ever seen is crowd sourcing. And this is what we have deployed at Mantriji. The spectator is no longer a spectator. And the media is no longer a one way communication channel. Our audience is in itself a source of information.

Imminent Tracking

What the political fraternity gains from us? Well, we just answered that in the title above. We provide a track record of all the work done by the MPs. As we like to say, the duty does not end with casting the vote.

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