Anurag Rai

A mechanical engineering graduate from Delhi College Of Engineering.

I am a big fan of animes.

To summarise, all I have to say is "Dattebayo".

My Work

NOTA (None of the above): A Weapon or a Gimmick | Mantriji

NOTA (None of the above): A Weapon or a Gimmick

While introducing NOTA in India a lot of discussion and debate were held and there was one critical question that was discussed-"Are Indian people ready for right to reject option"? NOTA was introd...

Bring Back The Kohinoor | Mantriji

Bring Back The Kohinoor

"If there is a legitimate claim for the diamond, will our dismissal at this stage come in your way? Because the country which holds the diamond may say your Supreme Court itself has dismissed a pet...

Redefining the Reservation | Mantriji

Redefining the Reservation

The debate on caste based reservation is happening since its genesis but so far we haven't found a solution that is acceptable to all. The political parties have no intention of touching this issue...

Taj Mahal- The jewel of Muslim art in India | Mantriji

Taj Mahal- The jewel of Muslim art in India

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, has so much history associated with it.

Subprime Crisis | Mantriji

Subprime Crisis

In 2008, the U.S.A, Europe and many other countries suffered a major financial crisis which led to the biggest slowdown since the Second World War. During this recession Lehman Brothers, one of the...

Oil Price: A war for Supremacy | Mantriji

Oil Price: A war for Supremacy

While the oil price drop is threatening the economies of some countries but the same drop comes as a boon to other countries. The constantly plummeting price of oil has given a fresh life to like I...

IPL, Draught and drama: A story of Maharashtra | Mantriji

IPL, Draught and drama: A story of Maharashtra

Indian Premier League is an important event in the calendar of BCCI and also supports livelihood of many people. While disturbing its schedule should be avoided but the plight of draught hit people...

Paradigms of Media Power | Mantriji

Paradigms of Media Power

Besides providing entertainment, media should to promulgate information and also help the society in form opinions and making sound decisions. In this manner, the media plays an essential role in ...

Karma’s Gonna Get You! | Mantriji

Karma’s Gonna Get You!

The Syrian war has been going on for four years, but only in 2015 has Europe woken up to the flow of refugees. So why now? What has changed? By prohibiting the refugees and calling them migrants, t...

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